Why the Idle Writer?

… well, because writing is hard work, so those of us who put (electronic) ink to (electronic) paper will find any excuse not to write. Especially if there are important admin jobs to do, like reformatting the page, counting the words in a chapter, or investigating the etymology of that new word we read last night in somebody else’s book.

So I’ll come to this page from time to time when I can’t just get those creative juices going on the novel. And it’ll feel like I’ve done something writerly, just not the one thing I’m supposed to be doing.

For those of you who are interested, my first book ‘Altered Life’ is published by Lulu and is available through lulu.com, amazon and a whole host of other online publishers. It’s a detective story set in the north of England, with a P.I. who is intended to be in the tradition of Marlowe and Spenser and Lew Archer. The fun for me is taking quite a domesticated and ordinary milieu (well, it is to me, because I live here!) and putting a Marlovian detective in the middle of it. Someone who’s tough, laconic, smart – and from Yorkshire.

I’m currently working on the second book, called The Secret Place, which I’m half-way through. I’m testing it out chapter by chapter on Critique Circle – which, for those of you who don’t know, is a site where you can upload your work to be critiqued, on the basis that you receive a crit if you give 3 crits. It’s a fair system and means you get quite a bit of feedback, some of it flaky but some of it pointing out stuff you perhaps missed. Find it at


Oh, and my book is here:

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One Comment on “Why the Idle Writer?”

  1. Kristi Gabriel Says:

    It is my honor to leave a message to celebrate Keith’s life. Keith and I met a meeting in Ridgeway, Ontario in November 1978 at Pat Metcalf’s house. It was the beginning of my path for mind awareness development, here I met my second husband Jeff and mutual friends for life. Keith and I have followed each other’s lives along with the changes with our children and their children. I continue to admire Keith’s travels, writings and neverending interests. He has always been an inspiration to me helps me hold higher standards for myself.

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